YmgynghorIAITH provides expert advice and consultancy services on the Welsh language, including Welsh language standards, Welsh medium education, language awareness and Welsh at work.

Are you ready for the new Welsh Language Standards?

Here are examples of the services we provide

  • Advice on statutory requirements e.g. Welsh language standards
  • Welsh language planning
  • Welsh language awareness training
  • One to one specialist advice
  • Writing Welsh Language Policies and Strategies
  • Bilingual Skills Strategies, Skills Assessments, Corporate Training Plans
  • Welsh Language Impact Assessments
  • Welsh Language Promotion Strategies
  • Internal use of the Welsh language expert advice
  • Monitoring and compliance of Welsh Language Schemes and Standards

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Welsh Language Training

YmgynghorIAITH has over 20 years’ experience in teaching Welsh in the workplace. We deliver training to meet your specific needs and work closely with you to ensure that the training is suitable to your workplace context.

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  • Welsh language staff training on all levels and for tailored contexts
  • Meet and greet training for front line service staff
  • Help with using Welsh in work and with terminology
  • One to one specialist language training and coaching for senior managers


  • Would you like support with presenting in Welsh?
  • Do you need to train your front line staff how to meet and greet in Welsh?
  • What about your Welsh speaking staff, would they benefit from specialist training in order to increase their use of Welsh in a professional context?
  • Do you have a busy diary and would prefer flexible one to one Welsh language training?

Please contact us and we can design Welsh language training to meet your needs.

For a free initial consultation, please contact us.

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How we can help


  • Implementation of the Welsh Language Standards (and Schemes)
  • Impact Assessments
  • Budgetary Evaluation
  • Welsh language Promotion Strategies
  • Bilingual Skills Strategies
  • Internal Use of Welsh at work
  • Welsh Language Training Strategies
  • Skills Audits
  • Language Planning for Managers, Language Officers
  • Language awareness training
    • What are the Standards?
    •  Implementing Language Standards – Introductory training
    •  Active Offer
    • What is Mainstreaming?
    • Conducting impact assessments
    • Bilingual Skills Strategy Training
  •  Welsh medium education advisory service
    • Planning and increasing Welsh medium provision
    • WESPS

Language Training

  • Welsh language skills training
    •  Workplace training from beginners to A level standard
    • Training for Welsh speakers to use Welsh at work
    • Training for specialists wishing to use Welsh in work context including terminology
    • One to one language coaching for senior managers
    • Speech writing, public speaking in Welsh and bilingually.

What is the Welsh Language Measure?

The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 enables Welsh Ministers to draw up standards.

  • Gives the Welsh language official status in Wales
  • Provides for a Welsh Language Partnership Council
  • Establishes the role of the Welsh Language Commissioner
  • Makes provisions for promoting and facilitating the use of the Welsh language
  • Makes provisions about standards relating to the Welsh language
  • Establishes the principle that the Welsh language should be treated no less favourably than the English language
  • Makes provision for the investigation into interference with the freedom to use Welsh, for example, in work
  • Establishes a Welsh Language Tribunal

What are the Welsh Language Standards?

The purpose of setting Welsh Language Standards is to provide a consistent level of services in Welsh that Welsh speakers across Wales can expect.

  • Standards will gradually replace the system of Welsh Language Schemes, introduced by the
  • Welsh Language Act 1993
  • The Commissioner will be responsible for imposing Standards on organisations
  • Organisations named in the Language Measure are required to apply the Standards. There is a rolling programme by when the standards become applicable to each named organisation.
  • The first set of Standards were ‘laid’ before the National Assembly in March 2015.
  • The first group of organisations required to meet the new Standards were Welsh Ministers, the national parks and the 22 local authorities in Wales.
  • The second group of 119 organisations are in the following sectors: education, health, public bodies, broadcasting and organisations outside Wales providing services in / for Wales.

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