RHD Consultancy offers expert and independent consultancy services for a wide range of organisations and businesses tailored specifically to your needs.

We provide high quality management consultancy including project management, strategic leadership and planning, research and evaluation, policy and strategy implementation, change management, compliance and governance.

Our particular specialist expertise is in education and training and the Welsh language.

We are a fully bilingual consultancy business and all our services are available in both Welsh and English.

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What we can offer

Management consultancy services

From strategic planning, to policy and strategy writing, to expert advice and guidance on governance and compliance, we’ll be able to help your business with leadership and management.

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  • Policy and strategy writing, developing, advising, formulating, implementing, evaluating
  • Planning, monitoring and implementing national standards
  • Supporting and advising on governance and compliance
  • Change management
  • Project and programme management
  • Consultations and engagement both internally and externally
  • Research and evaluation, market research and systematic reviews

Education and training solutions

We can offer vision, support and advice with all your education and training solutions.

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  • Developing and delivering staff training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Engaging, consulting, communicating with staff, students and stakeholders
  • Governor Training
  • Learner Voice initiatives
  • Implementation of Welsh medium policies in education and national standards
  • Parent and community engagement

YmgynghorIAITH – Welsh language consultancy

With our Welsh language expertise, we offer language training as well as expert consultancy services on Welsh language policy and planning and we’ll help you throughout the whole process.

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  • Advice on statutory requirements e.g. Welsh language standards
  • Welsh language awareness training
  • One to one specialist advice
  • Welsh language staff training on all levels and for tailored contexts
  • Writing Welsh Language Policies and Strategies
  • Bilingual Skills Strategies, Corporate Training Plans
  • Welsh Language Impact Assessments
  • Welsh Language Promotion Strategies
  • Internal use of the Welsh language expert advice
  • One to one specialist language training and coaching for senior managers

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YmgynghorIAITH – Welsh Language Consultancy

Are you ready for the new Welsh Language Standards?

Dr Rachel Heath-Davies, Director and Owner of YmgynghorIAITH has over 20 years’ experience in teaching Welsh in the workplace and has a vast experience and knowledge of Welsh language policy and the Welsh Language Standards. We deliver consultancy services and language training to meet your specific needs and work closely with you to ensure that the training is suitable to your workplace context.

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What Our Clients Think

Rachel was allocated as my mentor when I started as a Research Associate in 2012. I had taken up the position having completed a PhD and moved from North Wales and although I was excited about developing my career as a researcher, I felt completely out of my depth! Rachel provided me with advice and a wealth of knowledge on many a topic during her time as my mentor. Because she was externally positioned, she was able to provide me with unbiased information about how to develop my research career, and this was done with time and care; something I appreciate still now. She is very diligent in her approach to any task, and always takes the time to provide individuals with the knowledge they need to succeed. Her advice meant I have published in my field, explored a variety of avenues for funding and become a part of a dynamic academic department where my skills are acknowledged. I would highly recommend Rachel as a coach and mentor based on my experience of working with her over the years.
Dr Mirain Rhys, Cardiff University
Cardiff and Vale UHB arranged Welsh language awareness training for senior staff followed by a suite of Welsh language courses for staff across the organisation. This was strategic and purposeful in order to increase staff interest and engagement and general awareness of the national standards. Rachel and her team listened to our needs and tailored a package of training provision which was just what we wanted. We would definitely work with Rachel again due to her professionalism and expertise on the Welsh language. The staff thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions.
Lesley Jones, Alun Williams, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board